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Whilst the pruning of large trees quite rightly remains the preserve of the experienced tree surgeon or skilled landscaper, smaller scale domestic tree pruning jobs don't always have to be handed over to the professionals.

With a vast array of affordable, easy-to-use tree pruners now available to the proactive gardener, pruning your own trees has become almost as straightforward as mowing the lawn.

Keeping your trees well-pruned is essential for maintaining their health, structure and appearance. Pruning can also serve a highly practical purpose, given how quickly branches can encroach upon neighbour's gardens, obscure views or block sunlight if they aren't kept in check.

The most popular tree pruners on the market are those with a telescopic reach. These innovative tools enable the user to cut those hard-to-reach branches without having to balance precariously on a wobbling ladder - undoubtedly a much safer option!

This web site looks closely at these and other types of tree pruners, as well as explaining in more detail the importance of pruning trees. There are also some helpful tips on cutting branches effectively, and some recommended buys for anyone looking to make a purchase.

Types of Tree Pruner

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Tree pruners come in a whole range of shapes and sizes and there are a number of related products that do a similar job. The most common types of pruner are handheld, telescopic and powered varieties while products that can be used to do a similar job are loppers and saws.

Probably the most popular type of tree pruner is the extendable design, which enables you to reach and clip branches that are up to five or six metres off the ground. These are a complete contrast to handheld pruners, which are limited in their use and can only deal with tough shrubs or low hanging tree branches.

Powered tree pruners are the Rolls Royce of the pruning world; they come in the form of both petrol powered and battery operated devices. These pruners take a lot of the hard work out of tree maintenance - a powered mini chainsaw at the end of an extendable pole can chop through branches with ease. Some of the more impressive petrol powered products are specifically aimed at professionals and can cost hundreds of pounds.

Loppers are handheld tools that are a step up from handheld pruners. They are much more heavy duty and have longer handles, so they can cut through reasonably thick branches. Some of these products feature extendable handles that give them a longer reach, but they are only able to deal with relatively low hanging branches when compared to the telescopic tree pruner.

Another alternative product for tree maintenance is the pruning saw, a gardening tool that is extremely sharp and can come in either handheld form or as an attachment on the end of an extendable pole. Many pruning saws are incorporated as a feature of telescopic tree pruners, so you have the jaws for dealing with smaller branches and the saw for tackling thicker bits of wood.

Who Makes Tree Pruners?

The manufacturers

Tree pruners are manufactured by a variety of different companies, so which brands should you look for when you are checking out the market? Some of the most prolific and popular manufacturers of tree pruners are Yeoman, Fiskars, Spear & Jackson, Ryobi and Wolf-Garten.

Yeoman and Spear & Jackson produce a range of relatively affordable pruning products for homeowners carrying out occasional garden maintenance. Their pruners range from £20.00 to £60.00 and despite the low price tag they are generally extremely well-made and are more than capable of dealing with the majority of garden pruning tasks.

Ryobi, who are a well-known manufacturer among gardening enthusiasts, produce a wide range of products to suit everybody from the occasional gardener to the professional worker. Their products are always made to a high standard and range from as little as £20.00 up to £150.00. You know you are in safe hands if you pick up any Ryobi gardening tool.

Finally, Fiskars and Wolf-Garten produce tools for the top end of the market - professional gardeners and tree surgeons. Their products generally cost hundreds of pounds and are manufactured to an extremely high specification. It is worth mentioning Black and Decker also, as they are so well known. Black and Decker produce a range of surprisingly affordable powered tree pruners that will set you back approximately £100.00. The main thing is to decide which pruner suits you best in terms of style, features, manufacturer and cost.

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With another month or two left before winter, now is the time to prepare your trees for winter.

Pruning trees during the dormant season will minimise the chances of diseases or infections being picked up, and causes less stress to the tree as well.


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1. Tree pruners can extend up to 4 metres in length.

2. Many pruners incorporate both clippers and a cutting saw.


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